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What is Breast Reconstruction?

There are many surgical techniques for breast reconstruction surgery. Breast cancer patients who are medically appropriate for breast reconstruction may consider tissue expander breast reconstruction, either immediately following mastectomy or at a later date. The best candidates for breast reconstruction are women whose breast cancer was eliminated by mastectomy and other treatments. Dr. Spindel will discuss and help you decide the best option for you.

Women undergoing breast reconstruction surgery with tissue expanders and implants should consider:

  • Breast reconstruction surgery with breast implants may be split up in separate operations.
  • Changes in breast sensation and appearance will occur after the procedure.
  • Tissue expanders and breast implants will not last forever and may need to be adjusted in the future.

Breast reconstruction surgery is meant to rebuild your breast, but results will vary:

  • A reconstructed breast will not leave the breast with the same sensations and feel as it had before.
  • Slight scarring from incision lines will always be present on the breast, whether from reconstruction or mastectomy.
  • Certain surgical techniques will leave scars at the donor site, usually located in a less exposed areas of the body.

A note about symmetry: If only one breast is affected, it alone may be reconstructed. In addition, a breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation may be recommended for the opposite breast to improve symmetry of the size and position of both breasts.

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